The idea for the development of products for the effective air purification on innovative, biological basis had the professional perfumer Holger Meyer, who could use his biological and chemical knowledge for it. Since his death in 1994, the management is in the hands of his son Andreas Meyer, since 2012, he shares this with Mrs. Stephanie Meyer. Both are responsible for the quality and development of the active ingredients as well as for the commercial areas.

With the air purification product Sinodeen®, Air Cleaning & Management GmbH successfully pursues the goal of protecting and improving people’s health and quality of life. At the same time, effective environmental protection is in the foreground.


The distribution of the products at home and abroad takes place mainly through independent representations, who are able to offer their customers individual complete solutions for the respective problems due to their long-term experience with Sinodeen®. If required, the necessary technical equipment will also be installed. Due to the proximity to the customer, intensive support can always be guaranteed.

The effectiveness of Sinodeen® products in the removal of odors and pollutants from the air has been studied and proven by scientific institutions. Numerous tests and long-term assignments in a wide variety of practical application areas have been able to confirm the results of the tests and thus the quality of the products over many years.

Due to the wide range of possible uses of air purification products and the increasing importance of the environment, Sinodeen® products will continue to offer worldwide applications for a wide variety of problems in the future.

More information about our products can be found in our information brochure:

SINODEEN®-information brochure DE/EN